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Jerusalem Old City Tour

Tour the heart of the ancient Jerusalem, the city of kings and prophets, where books of the Bible were written. Touring the Old City is possible during all seasons and fills with a sense of majesty and holiness. The noise of the market, the prayers at the Western Wall, the variety of mosques, churches and museums make the Old City into a place that you cannot get enough of. Here are some recommendations for central places to visit in the Old City tour.
The Western Wall– is one of Judaism’s most holy places since it is the only remnant of the wall the surrounded the Temple Mount during the Second Temple. Visiting the Western Wall is splendor and sacred, even the secular public finds it necessary to say a prayer and bury a note in the walls. One of the most exciting sites-is the Western Walls Tunnels which expose the visitor to the archaeological wealth of ancient Jerusalem.
The Jewish Quarter– is one of the four quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem. About 600 families live there nowadays. Every step of this quarter has its history. You can ramble through the Jewish Quarter hours and explore ancient archeology, museums, and synagogues. Don’t forget to get yourself a souvenir from Judaica shops in the Cardo. The interesting thing is that those Judaica shops were built in the places where original ancient shops existed in the 12th century.
City of David – We’ll start with a panoramic view of the surrounding area. Continue to a 3D exiting display. Dr. Mazar’s Palace Excavation- an impressive structure from the period of the Judean kings. Visit The Royal Acropolis (Area G) and remnants of remarkable homes from the Biblical Period. See the underground water system from the time of Abraham including recent discoveries of the Canaanite fortress that guarded ancient Jerusalem’s main water source- the Gihon Spring. At the end of the tour you can choose whether to go through water tunnel or pass through the dry Gihon canal.
The Mount of Olives-is an amazing place, where you will hear legendary stories of Jewish History, about significance of the Mount of Olives to Jews and enjoy breathtaking scenery of Jerusalem.


Tiberias, Sefad and Meiron Mountain

Driving north through the coastal road is an amazing opportunity to explore the beautiful nature of Israel. We will reach Tiberias that situated on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, also known as Kinneret. King Herod Antipas established the city in the first century. There been reveled similar structures from Talmud and Mishna periods. We will visit the graves of holy sages such as Rabbi Meir Baal HaNes and Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon (Rambam); we will walk through the ancient ruins that are still noticeable among the modern city.
Further, proceeding to Sefad:- one of Israel’s four holy cities and most beautiful ones. Sefad is the perfect spiritual place for those who seek pure spiritual experience. In this city you’ll find a village atmosphere spiced with culture. A bit of legacy, a bit of nature, some religious points, Kabala, a lot of different beliefs, good food, great spa, breathe holding mountain view and cool fresh air that always makes you feel good. Safed is full of diversities and conflicts which makes it that special place, where spirituality and materialism meet and live together side by side. Where cool European air meets with the so Israeli housing complex, this is Safed. At the dark quiet nights you can hear the spiritual wind blowing in the alleys. Visit the synagogue, where Ari Hakadosh prayed, where Reb Joseph Karo composed the Shulchan Aroch (Jewish religious law). Further proceed to the Visitors center and stop by the artist village. Don’t forget to visit the famous candle factory outlet. Vibrant colors of candles and it’s diverse shape, some of them influenced by the Jewish history, make this place truly magical.
Next stop is the Mountain Meron, one of the Israel’s highest mountains: second tallest. Mountain Meron is Galilee’s biggest nature reserve. Enjoy a breathtaking view from the mountain to Sefad and its nearest areas. Visit the tombs of righteous: Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and his son Rabbi Elazar, there you will truly experience a holy spirit of the mystical atmosphere.

Caesarea, Haifa, Acre and Rosh Hanikra

Israel is such a small country, but has so much to offer. This time we will discover the northern part of the country. The Ancient Caesarea is our first destination. The ancient city was built by Herod the Great during the Period of Roman Empire. In the ancient times Caesarea was the Roman Capital and played significant importance due to its port. We will walk to the Roman Theatre, will explore archaeological ruins of Herod’s palace and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the beach.
Afterwards we will continue to Haifa along the coast. In Haifa we will visit the Baha’i Shrine and gardens; The gardens are down the mountain towards the city, the scenery is amazing. The gardens are full of different sorts of colorful flowers, trees and other plants. We will learn about Bahai religion history and modern activity of the organization. There is an amazing scenery from the mountains of Haifa, you can observe the down town city.
Next we will head to Rosh Hanikra that is the most northern point of Israel’s Mediterranean coast. The place has become famous due to the sea grottoes. We will board the cable-car for the ride down the cliff. Then we walk through the tunnels and ramble through the caverns, which carved out by the Mediterranean Sea waves. The experience is absolutely unforgettable.
Finally, on our way back, we will go to Acre. It’s a magical city with a diverse cultural history. Acre is the largest city of the Crusaders cities in Israel. What is interesting is that Acre is well preserved. You can explore columns and other parts of the old architecture, rambling through chambers. Touring Acre is like to be back at time, you can explore so much simply by walking its alleys and enjoying everything that is left from the previous centuries.

Culinary Tour At Machane Yehuda Market

Tour of Jerusalem’s famed Mahane Yehuda market
Jerusalem’s open-air market, Mahane Yehuda, has in recent years grown to be a bona fide mainstream tourist destination among Israelis and international arrivals alike.
Known to Jerusalemites as simply the shuk (market) or “Machne” (an amorous slurring and truncating of the proper title), Mahane Yehuda is Israel’s most sprawling and buzzing network of alleys and vending stalls.

All walks of local life converge at this bustling market, a fascinating spectacle for the first-time visitor and a bargain food fair for the city’s Jewish residents. Crammed with fresh fruit, olives, nuts, vegetables and just about anything else grown or picked from the Israeli soil, it’s also a good place to purchase spices, teas, cheese, dried fruits, tahina, bread and pastries. At night, it reinvents itself as a restaurant and bar hub where local foodies, hipsters and tourists hang out.

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