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Tel Aviv and Jaffa Tour

One of the oldest settlements along the Eastern Mediterranean. Pharaoh Thutmose conquered the town which is mentioned in the Bible. Later, the Crusaders used its port. Starting 1291 Jaffa was ruled for centuries by Mamlukes, until 1917, when the British general Edmund Allenby led the Egyptian Expeditionary Force to conquer the city. In
1950, Jaffa was incorporated into the Tel Aviv municipality.
Neveh Tzedek
This is the first Jewish neighborhood built outside of Jaffa. The tour brings us back to the first days of Tel Aviv. By the end of the 1980s, efforts began to renovate and preserve Neve Tzedek’s century-old structures. New establishments were housed in old buildings, most notably the Suzanne Dellal Dance and Theater Center and the Nachum Gutman Museum, located in the artist’s home. This gentrification led to Neveh Tzedek’s rebirth as a fashionable and popular upmarket residence for Tel Avivians. Its main streets became lined once again with artists’ studios, including the ceramics studio of Samy D., alongside trendy cafés and bars, and more recently boutique hotels and shops selling hand-made goods to wealthy Israelis and tourists

Hiking Through The Holy Land: Israel’s National Trail

The Israel National Trail is a marked trail along almost 1000 kilometers, crossing the entire nation of Israel from north to south.
The Israel National Trail are divided to 48 sections, some of them are shorter then the others according to the section’s difficulty. Note that you can hike more than one section in a day according to your judgement and pace.


Carmel market tour

There are many markets in Tel Aviv, but there is no doubt that the most famous and colorful is the Carmel Market. Over the years, he received influence and inspiration from the neighborhoods of Nahalat Binyamin and the Yemenite vineyards that are so different from him. The tour of the market will bring you back to the tastes and smells of Tel Aviv of the past and will also reveal to you the young and vibrant atmosphere in the city’s central market. Yemenite, Persian and Polish in a rich and fascinating culinary variety. The oldest market established more than 80 years ago is full of stories and legends.
The Kerem Hatemanim neighborhood was founded in 1904 by Yemenite immigrants, and it borders on Allenby Street and the Carmel Market. We will discover among the restaurants, pubs and small courtyards within the alleyways of the neighborhood the secrets, smells and flavors, combined with ancient and renewed.

Jerusalem Selichot Tours 2018

Jerusalem is a magical place all year long, but there is a unique atmosphere to the special days that begin during the month of Elul and up to Simchat Tora. It is during this period of the Jewish calendar that prayers are made for forgiveness, ceremonies dedicated to cleansing your soul are performed, and relationships between friends or foes and between man and God are rebuilt and strengthen.One of the most popular rituals during this time of the year is the custom of Selichot (penitential prayers) – a manner of asking forgiveness and redemption for our sins during the past year. The liturgical poems and prayers are chanted and repeated by worshipers for it is believed God is listening and forgiving of our sins and misdemeanor during this time.The Sephardic Jews begin the Selichot prayers during the month of Elul, while Ashkenazi orthodox Jews begin their period of repentance from Rosh Hashanah up to Yom Kippur. You can pray and sing the special Selichot words at any time of the day, but it is believed to be most accepted and best timed to be said at night, after midnight and before the morning prayers, when the body and mind are not busy with work and prayers can be sung with great passion.Some believe these are the hours God is most merciful.
These days, this deeply profound custom has turned into a social group gathering that brings together different people from all parts and streams of Judaism. For the past few years specially crafted guided tours have transformed the custom of Selichot into a wonderful get together in which believers experience Jerusalem in a new mystical light as they follow the path of Jewish heritage imbedded in this wonderful city.Here are a few recommendations for a special night walk through the city, that will elevate
your soul and introduce you to a side of Jerusalem only you will feel privileged to have experienced.

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