Tasty tasty tasty! Wonderful Jerusalem market tour organized by Israel-2Go. Thanks! Itamar

My wife and I have been planning to come to Israel for a long time. And since we have two children it wasn’t an easy task to accomplish. Israel-2Go was reccomended to us. The company designed a 10 days VIP tour, taking our little kids and their needs into consideration. It has been awonderful trip, filled with so much new emotions, experience and knowledge. The guide was amazing, our kids fell in love with her from the beginning. And when the tour ended, our kids wondered if we could take our guide home with us! Andrew and Anna, Canada

Can’t believe it’s been two months since we came back from our 10-day trip in Israel. The trip was perfect, everything was planned so accurately. All our requests were fulfilled to our utmost satisfaction. Thank you Israel-2Go for the high standard service you provided. The memories are still fresh in our minds, as if it were yesterday. Looking forward to our upcoming trip next spring. Israel-2Go thank you again. Danielle, Canada