Jerusalem Old City Tour

Tour the heart of the ancient Jerusalem, the city of kings and prophets, where books of the Bible were written. Touring the Old City is possible during all seasons and fills with a sense of majesty and holiness. The noise of the market, the prayers at the Western Wall, the variety of mosques, churches and museums make the Old City into a place that you cannot get enough of. Here are some recommendations for central places to visit in the Old City tour.
The Western Wall– is one of Judaism’s most holy places since it is the only remnant of the wall the surrounded the Temple Mount during the Second Temple. Visiting the Western Wall is splendor and sacred, even the secular public finds it necessary to say a prayer and bury a note in the walls. One of the most exciting sites-is the Western Walls Tunnels which expose the visitor to the archaeological wealth of ancient Jerusalem.
The Jewish Quarter– is one of the four quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem. About 600 families live there nowadays. Every step of this quarter has its history. You can ramble through the Jewish Quarter hours and explore ancient archeology, museums, and synagogues. Don’t forget to get yourself a souvenir from Judaica shops in the Cardo. The interesting thing is that those Judaica shops were built in the places where original ancient shops existed in the 12th century.
City of David – We’ll start with a panoramic view of the surrounding area. Continue to a 3D exiting display. Dr. Mazar’s Palace Excavation- an impressive structure from the period of the Judean kings. Visit The Royal Acropolis (Area G) and remnants of remarkable homes from the Biblical Period. See the underground water system from the time of Abraham including recent discoveries of the Canaanite fortress that guarded ancient Jerusalem’s main water source- the Gihon Spring. At the end of the tour you can choose whether to go through water tunnel or pass through the dry Gihon canal.
The Mount of Olives-is an amazing place, where you will hear legendary stories of Jewish History, about significance of the Mount of Olives to Jews and enjoy breathtaking scenery of Jerusalem.