Markets and Craftsmen Tour in Jerusalem’s Old City

Experience Middle Eastern culture in its purest form as you peruse the shop and restaurant-lined alleyways of the Old City, haggle with merchants and maybe come away with a few souvenirs.

Visit The unique beauty of Armenian ceramics, which are traditionally decorated in a floral blue/green design, makes them very popular among tourists and Israelis. At Jerusalem Artisan you can purchase a wide range of ceramics including crockery engraved with Hebrew texts, mirrors and teacups. All items in the shop are decorated in a distinctive Armenia

Elia Photo Service
Browse through dramatic historic B&W photos of the Old City and other sights in Jerusalem from before 1967, shot by well-known Armenian photographer Elia Kahvedjian. The shop is run by his grandson.

Halva Kingdom
Grinding sesame into paste since 1947, this irresistible stall is hard to miss thanks to its crown-shaped sign, huge wheels of halva and attendant proffering little samples of the flaky nougat. Once you’ve tasted it…